What to Know When Hiring a Fundraising Consultant

In the world of fundraising and the world of consultants it is inevitability that the two would come together and form the niche market of fundraising consultant. Fundraising consultants offer guidance and direction to companies, non-profits and civic organizations that want help with there fundraising.

If you want to hire a fundraising consultant there are definite things to look at and consider before you hire. The first is experience.

How much experience does your fundraising consultant have? Are they fresh out of school and still trying to gain experience or have they been doing this for years. They may have direct hands on experience from running many fundraising campaigns or they may have gained experience with volunteer work. Either way make sure that your fundraising consultant knows what he or she is doing.

Next ask if your fundraising consultant is certified. Certification is not required in all states but is offered nationally as well as some locally. The National Security of Fund Raising Executives offers certification for those consultants who are interested. Be sure to know the rules for your state so that you are assured your fundraising consultant is well trained and ready to work.

Ask questions. Your fundraising consultant should be able to ask the following questions. What will you do if the money comes in too slow? How do we get people to donate and why is it so hard to get them to donate? And finally, why do we the civic group have to do all the solicitation calls? The answers to these questions will help you to determine if your fundraising consultant is on the ball or just starting out.

Then finally make sure your fundraising consultant is well organized and well connected. You do not want to hire a fundraising consultant that is unknown and unable to stay organized. They are invaluable when good and a burden when bad.

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