Why Hiring A Private College Consultant Makes Sense And Can Save You Money

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Four years of college at many private colleges currently costs between $180,000 and $200,000. Next to a house, college is the most expensive purchase most people will make during their lifetime. Despite those costs, many students choose a college without adequate investigation into what would be the best college for that student. As a result one out of three college students leave the college where they started and five out of ten require five or more years to earn their degree. With thousands of choices, it can be difficult to find the right college for any student. Hiring a private college consultant can help students avoid these costly mistakes by finding the right college the first time.

For many students the work to find the right college often creates stress for both the student and their parents. The student is trying to balance the college search with homework, extracurricular activities, friendships and just being a teenager. Finding the right balance can be difficult. At the same time, parents worry about ensuring the best future for their child and put additional pressure on the student when they least need it.

Working with a consultant can take some of that pressure away. A good consultant can take a step back and help the student address those issues related to the college search process without being a nagging parent. Parents are left to provide the nurturing they can do best.

A private college consultant can also help to understand what is needed to gain admission to colleges as they have become more selective. Even those schools once considered safety schools by many students have gotten more selective in their admissions and can no longer be considered safety schools.

The days are gone when high grades and test scores alone could guarantee admission to many colleges. Colleges now look at the student’s extra curricular activities, their interests and their volunteer efforts. They evaluate how well the student communicates through their essays and often how the student presents themselves in the interview process. The college consultant knows how to help the student effectively communicate who they are to the college admissions office.

However, it is not just top students that need help finding the right college. Finding the right college for the less competitive student is just as important. Many less competitive colleges have higher drop out rates and lower graduation rates than some of the well known colleges. It is common to find colleges with four year graduation rates less than 50%. These students often need help to find a college that can help the student learn and yet graduate in a reasonable period of time.

Another group of students that often benefit from the help of a private college consultant are those with unusual circumstances. Students with special needs and learning disabilities need to find colleges that have certain resources not available at all colleges. Home schooled students can also benefit from an experienced private consultant. Many colleges are unsure how to evaluate a student without traditional grades and this can put home schooled students at a disadvantage. A college consultant can work with the student to communicate their strongest qualities in a way that the colleges will understand.

Many students rely on high school guidance counselors to help them in the search for the right college. Some students are fortunate to have an experienced college guidance counselor with whom to work. Even these hard working professionals, however, do not have the time to work one on one with those students who want such support.

More commonly, many guidance counselors just don’t have the time to spend helping each student with the college search process. With an average ratio of almost 500 students for each counselor, many high school counselors can’t take the time to help students with individualized college counseling. Because of time constraints it is not uncommon that many of these busy counselors only know about in state schools that they deal with on a regular basis. They often don’t have the time to familiarize themselves with highly selective colleges or colleges for the student with particular needs.

Given the many issues that must be examined in finding the right college, and the costs involved, it is not surprising that it is common for students at top colleges to use a private consultant to help them find the right college.

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What to Know When Hiring a Fundraising Consultant

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In the world of fundraising and the world of consultants it is inevitability that the two would come together and form the niche market of fundraising consultant. Fundraising consultants offer guidance and direction to companies, non-profits and civic organizations that want help with there fundraising.

If you want to hire a fundraising consultant there are definite things to look at and consider before you hire. The first is experience.

How much experience does your fundraising consultant have? Are they fresh out of school and still trying to gain experience or have they been doing this for years. They may have direct hands on experience from running many fundraising campaigns or they may have gained experience with volunteer work. Either way make sure that your fundraising consultant knows what he or she is doing.

Next ask if your fundraising consultant is certified. Certification is not required in all states but is offered nationally as well as some locally. The National Security of Fund Raising Executives offers certification for those consultants who are interested. Be sure to know the rules for your state so that you are assured your fundraising consultant is well trained and ready to work.

Ask questions. Your fundraising consultant should be able to ask the following questions. What will you do if the money comes in too slow? How do we get people to donate and why is it so hard to get them to donate? And finally, why do we the civic group have to do all the solicitation calls? The answers to these questions will help you to determine if your fundraising consultant is on the ball or just starting out.

Then finally make sure your fundraising consultant is well organized and well connected. You do not want to hire a fundraising consultant that is unknown and unable to stay organized. They are invaluable when good and a burden when bad.

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Grow Your Consulting or Training Business: The Advantages of Affiliating with Strategic Partners

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You’ve established your company. You’ve hung out your shingle, printed up those marketing brochures, and launched your website. You may even have found your first few clients. Now what?

You can certainly continue to build your business through referrals from those first few satisfied customers. But that takes time because consulting and training industries are essentially relationship-driven. To leverage your contacts and build your business more quickly, consider the advantages of partnering with established companies that have already developed a solid client base, a recognized brand, and a solid product or service. Build partnerships with these organizations to give and get leads, referrals, and introductions.

At NetSpeed Leadership, we offer a consultant partner program to allow independent consultants to affiliate with us. Essentially training consultants become our partners in reaching out to our prospects and clients. We provide regular sales leads, a high-quality website, web conference demonstrations, paid search advertising, marketing and sales support tools. We coach our consultant partners through the sales process, help them prepare proposals and support them through the training implementation. Consultants who affiliate with us consider us to be their strategic partner, helping them provide a level of product and service that they might not be able to offer on their own. In return they make training delivery fees and commission on sales.

One of our colleagues is a frequently published author and a recognized expert in his field. He was approached this year by a start-up training company that wants to develop an online training program using his content. He provides the instant name recognition, golden reputation in his industry, and the content. They provide the instructional design, marketing, operation, and sales resources. He’s thrilled because he has no interest in developing an online training program but he wouldn’t mind the additional revenue stream. They’re thrilled because their time to market is significantly reduced and they get a fast start with an established client base when the program is ready.

NetSpeed Leadership occasionally affiliates with organizations that complement our product and service offerings. For example, we recently launched a customer service training program and we’re now working with a strategic partner to offer a customer service dashboard that will allow customers to identify and track their service metrics. This is an enhancement to our product that we value but don’t have the resources to develop internally. Our strategic partner hopes to gain access to our new clients, while we benefit from offering a sophisticated tracking system as a product enhancement.

In thinking about potential strategic partners, ask these kinds of questions:

What types of partners could enhance my product or service offering?
For example, a human resources consulting firm might consider partnering with a compensation expert, or an independent trainer might partner with a larger training vendor.

What does my company have to offer a strategic partner?
As a consultant you might offer to donate labor upfront to produce a product or service that would enhance your strategic partner’s business offerings (assuming, of course, that you would receive a portion of revenue down the road).

What strategic partners could extend my reach nationally?
Perhaps you’ve developed a good client base in your region but believe that you might be able to develop your business in other parts of the country. In this case, look for partners of similar size that are operating successfully in their regions and see if you can build on each others’ regional business with complementary service offerings.

What strategic partners could extend my reach internationally?
The world is growing increasingly inter-connected. There may be consultants or trainers in other countries that would be delighted to partner with you to open up their markets. You provide the intellectual capital, tested models, and operations support while developing business in a country or two that you might want to visit.

In any of these potential partnerships, you will want to ensure that your conversations are well-documented, that you sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your intellectual property, and that you conclude any agreements with solid legal contracts which spell out clearly your business arrangements. At the same time, trust your instincts. If you believe that your potential strategic partner is untrustworthy, for heaven’s sake, don’t move forward.

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Debt Management Consultants – Be Debt Free Without Taking Loan

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You have been denied a loan for consolidation of loans and nagging creditors have made life impossible for you. The way out in such a situation is approaching to debt management consultants. They have appropriate solutions for your aggravated debt problems.

The biggest advantage of debt management consultants is that you are not required to go for a loan, as happens in opting for debt consolidation loan. Under debt management you do consolidate debts and interest rate may be reduced or frozen without requiring a loan. The main job of debt management consultants is to negotiate with your creditors in order to make the debt burden lesser for you. In other words, you escape taking an additional debt in the form of a debt consolidation loan.

Debt management consultants are useful in many ways. They can negotiate with your creditors for reducing interest rate or for freezing it. Debt management consultants are able to get you minimized monthly payments so that you have more money for other expenses and paying for installments does not become a burden anymore. More over as your debts are now consolidated under debt management consultant without taking a loan, you now pay only one monthly payment. Another advantage of debt management consultation is that you avoid any legal action from creditors.

Debt management consultants function in a very simple manner. They ask you to fill a detailed application form giving all details of your debts. Within a day debt management consultant approaches you and discusses the ways for managing debts and advises on it. Then the consultant gives you some documents to sign and with that the process begins. The debt management consultant will then notify your creditors that you have joined the management program.

You are required to make your scheduled payment each month to debt management consultants who in turn disburse it to your creditors. And of course you would be paying a fee to the debt management consultants. Your credit score also will get improved as you pay off debts.

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Home Business – How To Be A Business Consultant

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In today’s world, we find that more and more people know less and less about everything, as there is just too much to know.

So when something new comes along to a business that can be an opportunity or a potential problem, consultants are often called in first.

Be a consultant, and you can start your own business from home in your spare time.

What is a Consultant

Simply, a business consultant is someone who knows a particular business process, or segment, through wide experience and study, better than others in the same field.

A typical consultant is someone is their late 40s or 50 (or older) that has worked for a large company, government organization, or themselves, and then retired from daily operations from that activity,

However, with the extensive knowledge and experience of years of daily work, and a host of colleagues and contacts, the consultant can offer this combination to a client for a fee.


Being a consulting is about specializations.

If you think you have an adequate and comprehensive knowledge on any particular business process or commercial specialization, you can become a consultant.

Your knowledge is very valuable to those who are interested in the same subject, have been presented opportunities, and need to pursue some process that ALWAYS INVOLVES A LEARNING CURVE.

Any good manager knows that the learning curve is much more expensive than a consultant, and so, your specialization can be rewarding and commercially beneficial to you and your clients.

Building a Clientele

This is never easy, and advertising will not do what you wish. You need to build up your clientele from contacts and direct approach to those companies and managers that you discover have arrived at an opportunity or situation wherein you can help. Offer you help. It will not go unappreciated.

You will need to have some fact sheet about yourself listing your skills, companies or government agencies you worked for, and special contact categories. You can prepare a PDF email presentation, and although you will not achieve 100% success with this, you can be sure to attract some clients.

One client always brings others, and from your first, you can start building your consulting business.

Professional Terms and Conditions

Before you actually begin your business, you must decide on your professional terms and conditions. You must write them out, and also consult with a local attorney to be sure they are in conformation with you tax and professional laws.

This term sheet must also contain your remuneration policy. Sometimes you will need up-front money, sometimes not.

You must also have a clear policy of “expenses” that you incur on your client’s behalf. They must be pre-approved, and when you issue an invoice, these must not be a surprise to anyone. A good consultant will keep expenses to a minimum, unless ordered to do special tasks that require them, and then with the client’s pre-authorization.

Getting Started

If you follow the advice above, you can easily start your own consulting business. However, good planning in advance is always a prudent and necessary step. You might use the Desyatnikov Method for goal achievement, and this will guide you swiftly to your desired success.

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Professional Drupal Consulting Services

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Professional Drupal consulting agencies or companies provide a host of Drupal-related services, such as:

  • Drupal installation
  • Designing
  • Deployment
  • Configuration
  • Module development
  • Theme customization
  • Performance optimization
  • Training and support

Professional Drupal consultancy services cater to almost all categories of clients hiring the services of website developers and designers in building Drupal sites, be it small business personnel, large corporate giants, non-profit organizations, web and content writers, serious programmers, amateur developers, creative designers, marketing professionals, web consultants, Internet solution providers, or publishers and other media personnel.

In case, you are trying to set up a new business and need a robust and performance-oriented site with search-engine optimization friendly features replete with security features and dynamic supporting modules, Drupal would be a good choice. For others, who already have a site up and running successfully, you can utilize the services of data migration and built a healthier site that looks even better and provides an even more positive user response.

Drupal has revolutionized the way websites are being designed nowadays. Discussion forums, blogs, and community web portals are now abuzz with Drupal features and functionalities and how the best of these features can be harnessed to create dream websites.

Hiring the services of a professional Drupal consultant can be beneficial if you do not have in-house resources to meet business web solution needs. But you need to keep certain points in mind if you are going for partnering a consultancy firm. The services should be cost effective or affordable, fitted to your budget. You should also have an idea of their performance records and also about the host of services that they offer. The expertise and proficiency of the web developers and web designers should be assessed from their prior involvement and creation.

A good consulting service firm will also provide an evolving and scalable website by using the best-in-class technology. They will deliver you with the desired output in the form of competitive and dynamic websites that will go a long way in fulfilling your dreams.

Look for a website that carries the potential of profitable solutions in the form of unmatched returns on investment, flexibility to the changing needs of the times, attractive and drawing all sorts of customers, a business website with potential for increased lead generation and sales conversion rates, steeped with marketing analytics and potential for fetching guaranteed results.

Great websites do not just happen, they get their shape from the utilization of the best of all technologies, user experience and creativity and knowledge. Drupal consulting services has the power to make your website reach the mass and reach quickly too. Whether it is about testing patches, bug fixations, unit tests running, you can take care of everything. Contributed themes can go a long way in lending uniqueness and freshness to your website. These professionals pool together the best brains with their strategic thinking and provide the latest and best solutions at affordable prices. They also give a personal touch to their creativity that makes the sites all the more attractive.

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How Do You Know You’re Hiring the Right SEO Consultant?

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With competition in the Web already getting tighter, it would be hard to break into a highly competitive niche without hiring a top-notch SEO consultant. But how would you know the person you’re about to employ is really one?

He should have a high Page Rank… really?

This is undoubtedly one of the most common misconceptions about successful SEO consultants. People expect their sites to always have high PRs. Here’s one good reason why you shouldn’t. These consultants might be too busy improving their clients’ PRs, that they may not have enough time to improve their own.

What you must instead be looking for are high PRs on his clients’ sites. Have him point out websites that he has worked on in the past. You may even go as far as contacting the owners of those sites. If they’re happy with his work, they’ll be happy to recommend him as well. Of course, it still boils down to whether you’re happy with their Page Ranks.

He can walk you through his strategies.

Because trails of his SEO techniques will all be visible on the Web, you can ask him to show you around some of the pages he has worked on that have high rankings. Let him explain what he did to get them there.

It would naturally help if you have some basic knowledge of search engine optimization, so you might want to do some initial readings first. Just like in any brick and mortar business, it’s always best to be familiar with its inner workings.

He should charge higher than others.

While this doesn’t hold true all the time, it usually does. People have a tendency to charge for what they think their services are worth. Inexperienced SEO consultants, who are still trying to break into the market, will obviously charge less because their main concern is to build their portfolio.

Even scammers will rarely charge a high price because they’re too eager to get that quick buck. However, be wary also of overcharging SEO consultants who simply think too highly of themselves. Finding the right consultant is never easy but you can use these simple tips to help you on your quest.

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Steady Growth Means Firing Your Computer Consulting Clients

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The vast majority of technology consultants fail to grow their businesses because they fail to abandon business. A technology consulting firm is not like an automobile manufacturer who tries to sell as many cars as possible and adjusts production based on demand. If business picks up, more assembly line workers are hired, new plants are opened, dealerships established, and more cars are produced. When business starts to decline, plants are closed, workers are laid off, and production stops.

Technology consulting is profoundly different from this concept.  There are only so many billable hours in a day, and only so many clients in a week you can service.  Remember growth is not just financial. It includes broadening your scope of services, working with higher-level clients, enhancing your reputation, and offering more sophisticated solutions.  For the techie whose lifeblood is sustained by cheap break-fix services, the attitude tends to be “All business is good business and I’ll never turn down a paying client.”

There are a few things wrong with this mentality, but they are all deadly because:

  1. Reputation works in all directions. If you are known as an “inexpensive solution,” your services will be judged accordingly and the average prospect will assume he/she will never have to pay a lot for your work nor receive anything of value that’s above your cheap asking price. Your reputation will build as such and will pigeon hole you into a corner. Imagine McDonald’s trying to break into fine dining. McBottle Service anyone?
  2. Quality, not quantity, is the sole measure of success. A friend of mine, Dan Turner, has built a million-dollar web design business from scratch. A couple years ago we collaborated on a few projects in which he commented that common approaches to direct mail were off base. “Most people look for a response rate of around 2 percent to represent success,” he pointed out, “which is simply a number. If you mail out 5,000 pieces, all you need is one very high quality response.” Dan based his entire business on this concept–find one high paying client and do a great deal of work their rather than find 10 clients and do a little work for each. As a technology consultant you are far better off doing $10,000 in business with one client rather than do $500 in business with 20 clients. You’ll work less, make the same amount of money, and you’ll be working with high paying clients that can get you more high paying clients to do this kind of work for.
  3. Sales effort is equal across all technology price points. From my experience in the IT industry, I’ve discovered that it takes the same amount of time to sell a $200 service as it does to sell a $10,000 service. The amount of advertising, number of calls, number of questions asked, amount of pre-sale research preformed by the prospect, are all surprisingly consistent. The only difference is the attitude of the consultant. So, if you are trying to close business and it takes the same amount of effort to close a $200 client as it does to close a $10,000 client, which would you rather spend your time pursuing? This isn’t rocket science, but do you get my point? The effort it takes to attract, sell, close, deliver, and administer small IT projects is the same for large projects, so you are not making up in volume what you could be doing in size. By continuing to accept anything that comes along, a technology consultant is doomed to poor time management and lack of growth.

So here’s the cold hard truth: Every time you raise your fees or pursue more sophisticated work, you will lose the bottom 15% of your market. Million dollar technology consultants regularly abandon the bottom 15% of their market as a growth strategy to free up time to pursue  the upper reaches of their market.

Every 2 years or so you should be able to look back and identify work that you would no longer accept. If you are accepting the same type of work with the same fees as you did 2 years ago, than you probably have not abandoned your bottom 15% and therefore have not expanded into the top 5% of your market (which is far, far more profitable).

You cannot accept all types of business and expect to grow. Continuing to take on everything means that your expertise and reputation are not expanding.

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Small Business SEO – How SEO Consultancy Can Benefit Your Business

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SEO For Small Businesses

How can an SEO consultant service benefit your company? For a small business SEO is marketing strategy that is absolutely essential. Why do I say this? It can be difficult to compete against the big, well-known players in your field of service. Very often a local SEO consultant service can benefit because of having local knowledge of how people are looking for services and purchasing goods.

Small Business SEO – It’s Benefits.

Here is a list of reasons why small business SEO is necessary:

  1. SEO is marketing, not web design. It’s how your sell your products and servcies. There is no use having a slick looking website if nobody can find it. A professional SEO consultant will be able to get you a high Google ranking and keep you there. You need new customers coming to your business, which will in turn make you more money.
  2. An SEO consultant will look after the whole process. Time is money, so with small business SEO you don’t have to spend one minute away from your business.
  3. Compared to old-fashioned advertising SEO small business services provide great value for money.
  4. Results can be obtained relatively fast. A professional SEO service will usually be able to get you onto the first page of the search engines between 30 – 90 days.
  5. Return on investment is fast. Small businesses who use SEO consultancy services usually make back their investment within 90 days and within 120 days they can even double and triple the investment

How Search Engine Optimization Works

Before you know what you are paying for, you really need to know how SEO works. Otherwise, you can be fooled into paying for something and for services that you don’t really need or that aren’t working. Here’s the SEO basics:

  • Research your business related keywords that people are already using, but that have medium to low competition.
  • Audit your site to incorporate these keywords into your website in a natural way. A professional SEO consultant will never used tricks like ‘keyword stuffing’, which can have a negative effect on your overall Google ranking. The researched keywords will also be used in webpage descriptions and titles.
  • Write articles based on these keywords and have them published on line. These provide great exposure for your website.
  • Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to increase exposure.
  • Build backlinks to your site.
  • Send you monthly reports so you know how your investment is being used.

Although the SEO basics seem simple, an SEO consultancy expert knows how to use them in the most effective ways together so that you get a higher Google ranking.

Free SEO Services

More often than not, a professional SEO consultancy service will offer some free incentives and will take a personal interest in making your business profitable. Because after all they need you to make money so that they can make money.

If you are going to hire an professional SEO consultant, make sure that you check his credentials carefully. Any affordable SEO service will offer you a free website audit report so that you can see what is needed and what you will be paying for. This audit also keeps the SEO services transparent. You know exactly what they are doing and what kind of results you can expect.

So before you hire any kind of SEO consultant ask for a free website audit.

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What You’ll Need For Starting a Consulting Business

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The Internets increasing role in daily life has attracted more businesses online, including owners of offline businesses and establishments as well as personal service professionals who ordinarily conduct their activities outside the Internet.

These businesses which rely mainly on traditional marketing strategies to earn income will need the services of a consultant to come up with an online business plan using techniques that may sound alien to them. With the convenience of Internet technology and the availability of effective online marketing systems, starting a consulting business has never been this easy.

Who should start a consulting business?

Anyone with the right mindset and motivation to become an Internet marketing consultant can engage in this business. Unlike traditional corporate jobs and professions where having the relevant college degree, training and certification are non-negotiable requirements, an online marketing consultant may only need to know the right techniques, shortcuts, people and resources to provide value to clients and make a substantial income.

The low starting capital and flexible working conditions make this business ideal for:

* People with day jobs looking for a side income
* Mothers who work from home
* Retired professionals
* Retired employees
* New college or university graduates
* Small entrepreneurs

What you will need

Short course

Knowledge in this business is still a basic asset but this doesn’t mean you need to be computer genius or an expert already to become a consultant. The fastest way to load up on information is to learn Internet marketing from the experts. A short internet marketing course should be able to teach you all the basics to get you started plus advanced topics to turn you into a specialist without going through the usual mistakes newcomers encounter when learning on their own.

You can tell how good an information product is by reading the reviews and comments about it online. You’ll want to read how satisfied users were able to follow the course easily and earn money by implementing its techniques.

Mix of providers

Your clients will need a website to start marketing online. Your consulting business arsenal should include a list of reliable website solution providers for:

* Purchasing domain names
* Hosting domains
* Website development
* Software programming
* Web writing
* Search Engine Optimization
* Blogging
* Social media advertising
* Automating responders

By establishing linkages with specialists in various aspects of Internet marketing and learning cutting edge strategies from experts, you need not be an expert at all when starting a consulting business. You just need to know enough to manage a project and connect your clients with the specialists they need.

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