How to Plan a Quick Move in 8 Steps?

Life does not always offer you a good chance to plan for your move. At times, situations turn around in such a way that you are forced to plan for the situation at the last minute! A perfect example for such an emergency situation is when you have to plan final moment relocation and there is no team of expert movers appointed. Well, it is a fact that finding an able team of professionals like Agarwal Packers remains a risky affair at the last minute because their availability also matters a lot but when you are stuck in such a situation, where you find yourself helpless, some of the last-minute relocation pieces of advice we have brought together for you in this article might help!
1. Remove the majority of things from your packing list

When you are packing your belongings without a plan, it is advisable to keep the packing list short and simple. Since you are forced to undertake an emergency move, you will not have time to go through each article at your place to prepare it for packing. You must pack only the needful stuff. Get rid of all that does not click your mind on the first go. Mention only those articles in the packing list which you cannot let go of.

2. Waste no time to think, just focus on packing job

There is no point in forcing yourself to do thousands of things at one go. You cannot ever do that. Also, since you have not been able to get the movers on board early, you will have to do everything on your own. So, rather than navigating through multiple tasks, focus on the household packing job only. Go through all the stuff at your place you are left with, after sorting your goods and decide which ones to pack and move.

3. Let everyone come together to complete the packing

Until the movers come to your place to work on your packaging tasks, you should pack your stuff on your own. At this point, you do not even have time to wait and think. So, just start packing whatever you can and from wherever you can. If you and your family members together attend the packing job and every member picks up one room that they will tackle, a significant section of the packing task will be accomplished in no time.

4. Opt for all likely ways to simplify the packing task

You are in a situation where you cannot afford to make things any more complicated. You have to think through ways that will streamline your move and let you take care of your packing job in no time. What you can do is, you can decide whether you would spend time sorting your goods or straightaway pack them to sort later? This might seem a bit bizarre at this point but this hack will save you a lot of time and energy.

5. Leave the remaining jobs for the movers to attend

By the time you have attended most of your goods packing task, the movers from Agarwal Packers and Movers will arrive at your place to add the final touch to your already fulfilled task. We would advise you to leave the difficult packing chores for the movers only, and only attend the simple ones because you will only mess up with the situation more because you are already muddled up with your last minute move and banging your head to the complicated packing tasks would only worsen the situation.

6. Meanwhile, prepare the paperwork for the move

While the movers are doing your packing task, you can look after other crucial arrangements ahead of the move. You can prepare your moving documents and also organize the identity proofs and copies of important papers you will need for the journey. Keep both the original and copies of all the documents including birth certificate, marriage certificate, license, passport, visa, health papers, employment letters, transfer certificates, house papers, vehicle and house insurance, contract papers, etc. Have a folder prepared for this and keep this binder handy.

7. Do not forget to pack the essential bags for a move

Whether you use a travel bag or a duffel bag for the purpose, you must keep in mind that the bag you pick up for keeping your essentials is a spacious one. If you are comfortable carrying a backpack, you can use that too but be very careful while you keep it on your back. Do not put in just anything you come across. Try to pack travel-size bottles of key toiletries to keep the weight of the bag balanced. Ensure your essentials bag comprises of change of clothes, medicines, comforters, and electronic staples like chargers and a power bank.

8. Complete most of your unattended tasks on the phone

You do not have time to make rounds with the bank and insurance service companies to get your pending tasks done. You also cannot sit back comfortably to check mails and type one to inform the essential service authorities for your address change and all. You have worked out all those tasks over the phone. So, just make sure you are preparing a detailed list of all these tasks so you do not miss attending any of them before the move. You will either have to close the tasks while you are on the move or post the move. But make sure you are keeping in touch with your office colleague and reporting manager to keep everything flowing.

Not everyday life seems perfect. You never know when you will come across an unforeseen situation in life that will persuade you to think and act upon it immediately. So, when it is a matter of relocation, and you had to make a quick, unplanned move, finding an able team of professionals, from reputed companies like Agarwal Movers and Packers remains a sensible choice.

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