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In today’s world, we find that more and more people know less and less about everything, as there is just too much to know.

So when something new comes along to a business that can be an opportunity or a potential problem, consultants are often called in first.

Be a consultant, and you can start your own business from home in your spare time.

What is a Consultant

Simply, a business consultant is someone who knows a particular business process, or segment, through wide experience and study, better than others in the same field.

A typical consultant is someone is their late 40s or 50 (or older) that has worked for a large company, government organization, or themselves, and then retired from daily operations from that activity,

However, with the extensive knowledge and experience of years of daily work, and a host of colleagues and contacts, the consultant can offer this combination to a client for a fee.


Being a consulting is about specializations.

If you think you have an adequate and comprehensive knowledge on any particular business process or commercial specialization, you can become a consultant.

Your knowledge is very valuable to those who are interested in the same subject, have been presented opportunities, and need to pursue some process that ALWAYS INVOLVES A LEARNING CURVE.

Any good manager knows that the learning curve is much more expensive than a consultant, and so, your specialization can be rewarding and commercially beneficial to you and your clients.

Building a Clientele

This is never easy, and advertising will not do what you wish. You need to build up your clientele from contacts and direct approach to those companies and managers that you discover have arrived at an opportunity or situation wherein you can help. Offer you help. It will not go unappreciated.

You will need to have some fact sheet about yourself listing your skills, companies or government agencies you worked for, and special contact categories. You can prepare a PDF email presentation, and although you will not achieve 100% success with this, you can be sure to attract some clients.

One client always brings others, and from your first, you can start building your consulting business.

Professional Terms and Conditions

Before you actually begin your business, you must decide on your professional terms and conditions. You must write them out, and also consult with a local attorney to be sure they are in conformation with you tax and professional laws.

This term sheet must also contain your remuneration policy. Sometimes you will need up-front money, sometimes not.

You must also have a clear policy of “expenses” that you incur on your client’s behalf. They must be pre-approved, and when you issue an invoice, these must not be a surprise to anyone. A good consultant will keep expenses to a minimum, unless ordered to do special tasks that require them, and then with the client’s pre-authorization.

Getting Started

If you follow the advice above, you can easily start your own consulting business. However, good planning in advance is always a prudent and necessary step. You might use the Desyatnikov Method for goal achievement, and this will guide you swiftly to your desired success.

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