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Leaping Between Epic Consulting Jobs

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When I got my first consulting job, I was referred by another consultant that was already on site and struggling. They needed claims help and my background was in professional billing claims. A few months later, I found out she had been interviewing with other consulting firms at night and quit before her current contract was up. For her this resulted in bigger pay and contract for a go live implementation in sunny California.

Unfortunately what did this mean for me? I was a brand new healthcare consultant with a go live list meant for three analysts that just got pared down to one. Hurray… Needless to say I grew very quickly in a trial by fire situation. The question is how often will this happen if you are just entering the consulting world? Consultants on a three month contract enter and leave contracts all the time, what does it matter if you leave a contract early? There are benefits and disadvantages to both and I just wanted to give that information before you hand out your phone number on LinkedIn.

Advantages of Interviewing During a Contract

The fact is interviewing constantly prepares you for the inevitable time when you are not under contract. No matter how long you are under a contract in the Epic consulting world and how much in demand you are, you will find yourself out of work again. At least in the short term. So all of this interviewing is very beneficial and increases likely a key skill.

You can command a higher salary in a shorter period of time. If you initially start with a firm that gives you a set salary, this salary is what you are stuck with until they decide to give you another raise. This could be in a year, two years, or longer. This can happen even if your hourly rate is going up. So when your hourly rate goes up, the only thing you benefit from is your bonus check. While will address bonuses in another post, the money you pull from a bonus check is really money you should be getting.

If you are in a bad contract, you can simply quit the contract. While I do not recommend this, I found that the person I was working with was very concerned with their safety. Prior to me arriving on the scene, she constantly being threatened and once felt like she had been assaulted mentally. While this was something that had happened at night and had nothing to do with the client, the neighborhood you stay in while on site is all part of the big consulting contract.

Disadvantages of Trying To Leave a Contract Early

Now we are going to go in to the cons of leaving a contract prior to the end date. This is the same type of scenario that can happen when a client wants to extend your contract for another three months but you decide to turn it down. (This second scenario is much easier to recover from than simply quitting the contract)

More than likely, if a consultant accepts a new contract while under contract with another healthcare organization, that consultant has just lost credibility with the client. Think about it this way, if you hired a contractor to fix your kitchen sink and they left while halfway done. Then the contractor decides to bill you for all of the hours they put in, even though they did not deliver anything of value to you. How many times would you actually recommend that contractor? Would you tell other healthcare organizations not to rehire this contractor, especially if they put you on a resume as a previous client?

In order to pull a stunt like this, if you are working under a firm, you will probably not be able to work for the same firm again. As an Epic consultant, no matter where you go in the US, they are keeping track of you. If you develop a track record of skipping out on your clients, it can very easily be reported to your new clients and may even result it being harder to find new clients.

On an ethical level, you are backing out of a contractual obligation. While these epic contracts are basically an agreement that either party can step away from, you agreed to work for the client for a set period of time. No matter who represents you, once you become a consultant you are essentially representing yourself as a brand. Yes, you may be a representative of a company but you are also representing yourself. The reason healthcare organizations hire epic consultants is because they need help. As an HIT consultant, you are stepping forward and offering your services at a steep price for the opportunity to help. Every deliverable you provide, every hour billed, every presentation you give is an opportunity to help the client. Leaving the contract early is basically leaving a team crippled and in my opinion, a blackhat way of gaining a higher salary.

You really need to go the route that you feel the most comfortable with. If you have a family and only plan to consult for a small time horizon, jumping between clients may not have the financial impact of staying in Epic consulting for a fifteen year career. If you plan on sticking it out for the long haul then, you really need to consider more than the monetary benefits before making that leap.

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How to Plan a Quick Move in 8 Steps?

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Life does not always offer you a good chance to plan for your move. At times, situations turn around in such a way that you are forced to plan for the situation at the last minute! A perfect example for such an emergency situation is when you have to plan final moment relocation and there is no team of expert movers appointed. Well, it is a fact that finding an able team of professionals like Agarwal Packers remains a risky affair at the last minute because their availability also matters a lot but when you are stuck in such a situation, where you find yourself helpless, some of the last-minute relocation pieces of advice we have brought together for you in this article might help!
1. Remove the majority of things from your packing list

When you are packing your belongings without a plan, it is advisable to keep the packing list short and simple. Since you are forced to undertake an emergency move, you will not have time to go through each article at your place to prepare it for packing. You must pack only the needful stuff. Get rid of all that does not click your mind on the first go. Mention only those articles in the packing list which you cannot let go of.

2. Waste no time to think, just focus on packing job

There is no point in forcing yourself to do thousands of things at one go. You cannot ever do that. Also, since you have not been able to get the movers on board early, you will have to do everything on your own. So, rather than navigating through multiple tasks, focus on the household packing job only. Go through all the stuff at your place you are left with, after sorting your goods and decide which ones to pack and move.

3. Let everyone come together to complete the packing

Until the movers come to your place to work on your packaging tasks, you should pack your stuff on your own. At this point, you do not even have time to wait and think. So, just start packing whatever you can and from wherever you can. If you and your family members together attend the packing job and every member picks up one room that they will tackle, a significant section of the packing task will be accomplished in no time.

4. Opt for all likely ways to simplify the packing task

You are in a situation where you cannot afford to make things any more complicated. You have to think through ways that will streamline your move and let you take care of your packing job in no time. What you can do is, you can decide whether you would spend time sorting your goods or straightaway pack them to sort later? This might seem a bit bizarre at this point but this hack will save you a lot of time and energy.

5. Leave the remaining jobs for the movers to attend

By the time you have attended most of your goods packing task, the movers from Agarwal Packers and Movers will arrive at your place to add the final touch to your already fulfilled task. We would advise you to leave the difficult packing chores for the movers only, and only attend the simple ones because you will only mess up with the situation more because you are already muddled up with your last minute move and banging your head to the complicated packing tasks would only worsen the situation.

6. Meanwhile, prepare the paperwork for the move

While the movers are doing your packing task, you can look after other crucial arrangements ahead of the move. You can prepare your moving documents and also organize the identity proofs and copies of important papers you will need for the journey. Keep both the original and copies of all the documents including birth certificate, marriage certificate, license, passport, visa, health papers, employment letters, transfer certificates, house papers, vehicle and house insurance, contract papers, etc. Have a folder prepared for this and keep this binder handy.

7. Do not forget to pack the essential bags for a move

Whether you use a travel bag or a duffel bag for the purpose, you must keep in mind that the bag you pick up for keeping your essentials is a spacious one. If you are comfortable carrying a backpack, you can use that too but be very careful while you keep it on your back. Do not put in just anything you come across. Try to pack travel-size bottles of key toiletries to keep the weight of the bag balanced. Ensure your essentials bag comprises of change of clothes, medicines, comforters, and electronic staples like chargers and a power bank.

8. Complete most of your unattended tasks on the phone

You do not have time to make rounds with the bank and insurance service companies to get your pending tasks done. You also cannot sit back comfortably to check mails and type one to inform the essential service authorities for your address change and all. You have worked out all those tasks over the phone. So, just make sure you are preparing a detailed list of all these tasks so you do not miss attending any of them before the move. You will either have to close the tasks while you are on the move or post the move. But make sure you are keeping in touch with your office colleague and reporting manager to keep everything flowing.

Not everyday life seems perfect. You never know when you will come across an unforeseen situation in life that will persuade you to think and act upon it immediately. So, when it is a matter of relocation, and you had to make a quick, unplanned move, finding an able team of professionals, from reputed companies like Agarwal Movers and Packers remains a sensible choice.

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How to Get and keep Responsive Subscribers

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It is the aim of all email marketers to have a list full of people that read their emails and make a purchase when they present offers. This is unrealistic, but what you don’t want is a list full of tire kickers and freebie seekers. There is no way that you can totally control this of course but there are some things you can do to minimize getting the wrong kind of subscribers.
What are your Traffic sources?

Where your traffic comes from is a very important factor. Traffic that originates from a source that is cheap will rarely produce a list of buyers. Resist the temptation to use “safe lists” for traffic or a similar service where you have to subscribe to their list and then they will join yours. These people will never even read your emails let alone make a purchase.

You must ensure that your traffic is targeted. If your niche is making money online then traffic that originates from the Warrior Forum is likely to produce better subscribers because it is targeted. Don’t go to general forums to get your traffic – it won’t turn out well. Using Facebook ads is a good idea as you can really be specific about the demographics.

Although almost everyone is interested in making more money, traffic from unrelated websites is likely to lead to freebie seekers and tire kickers. They just want information. Warrior Forum members are genuinely interested about making money online so they are likely to be more responsive.

Use the Double Opt In Confirmation Facility

Another mistake that a lot of email marketers make is to immediately redirect a visitor to their lead magnet download page once they have opted in. You have no idea whether the email address used by the visitor is real or not so this is just giving away your lead magnet for free.

Yes you can lose a few opt ins with double opt in but you will end up with a better class of subscriber. If they are prepared to go to the trouble of confirming their interest then they are more likely to read your emails when you send them. If they can’t be bothered then you don’t want them anyway.

To increase the number of opt ins be sure to get people more excited about your lead magnet and your email newsletter after they have opted in. Direct them to a web page which will do this. Tell them that you offer a great deal of value with your lead magnet and your emails.

Be up front with your subscribers and tell them that you will send emails that contain offers sometimes. Measure your open rates and click rates all the time. Your autoresponder service will provide this information. Tell your subscribers that you are doing this and it will deter some tire kickers.

Track Activity and Clean your List

Take a close look at the subscriber activity in your list. If you have a number of subscribers that have not opened any of your emails for a while then it is best to get shot of them. There could be several reasons why a subscriber is not opening your emails:

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Relocations Made Simple With 12 Great Ideas!

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Finding an ideal place of stay and alongside, planning a moving journey that is going to be successful takes nerve and some workable moving ideas. Though you also need a proficient moving crew, like Agarwal Packers that can support you with the hectic packing and moving jobs but primarily, if you mind a few things we are sharing here with you, moving in and settling down is never a problem.
Here they go:

1. Finalize new house – The first thing to confirm is the agreement of your new house that you have been looking out for. You should quickly speak to the new landlord and fulfill all the important documentation required before you move in. Also, make sure you inspect the house, visit the locality and explore things the city offers you so you can have a comfortable move. Keep in touch with the landlord.

2. Fulfill documentation – Relocations involve a lot of paperwork that begins right from the time you start planning and working towards it. Also, the personal identity papers that one has to keep ready all the time whenever there is a legitimate matter happening like relocation. So, make sure you are taking care of your paperwork and also keeping photocopies of the key documents, and also saving them on your phone to access virtually.

3. Prepare checklist – Any big project requires one to keep a checklist or a planner that can assist them for the rest of the journey. This checklist is more like an agenda that one has to monitor when they are planning a move. While preparing it, make sure you are adding to it every crucial task or thing that your mind memorizes for the move. Tick mark on the entries once the task gets done.

4. Research a move deal – You should also keep an eye on the moving preparations alongside doing your paperwork and stuff. Book a moving company that is genuine and has budget-friendly moving deals. A bit of negotiation for the rates will also help you to grab a sensible moving deal. While you explore moving options, always do a background check and go through every detail mentioned on the company’s website.

5. Don’t hesitate to ask – It is quite usual for you to have concerns and qualms when you are planning a move. All the while you are browsing moving options and shortlisting a few out of them, you will come up with things that you would want to clarify with the professionals. Do not be reluctant and just note down your questions and things that you want to inquire about the movers when they come over to discuss.

6. Always compare – If at any point you are feeling something is not right and that you want to reconsider your options, go for it. Give yourself some time so you can decide whether you are making a worthwhile move with your choice. Do not forget to compare not just before but until the moment your deal gets finalized. Remember, a hassle-free move is also about how efficiently you move keeping in mind your finances.

7. Take charge to pack – We know you have shortlisted the experts from Agarwal Packers and Movers for your relocation assignment but you must attend your packing tasks on your end as well. There will not be just one but an entire household for you to pack and move, and packing some goods on your end shall be a huge relief because you will be able to do it at your best.

8. Always stay connected – Staying in touch with your movers to keep track of your move, with your colleagues to know the status of your workplace and with your friends, relatives, and family members will help you to facilitate your move especially if they are involved in your move in some way or the other. Colleagues will help you with the office scenario; friends with who you have assigned some moving tasks will keep you informed of the position of the tasks, etc.

9. Prioritize a few cartons – For a seamless, hassle-free move, you need to sort out your post-move days and plan for that period (the first few days or the first week) in advance. The best you can do is you can prepare a few cartons with stuff that you will need right after the move – which could be the cleaning supplies, the bedding materials, extra clothes, kitchen supplies, and snacks, etc.

10. Map moving journey – We often do not realize but the route we take on our moving day is something that must be planned ahead of the journey. Though the movers take care of it in all ways if you want a certain route for your journey, you can speak to the movers for that and they will take care of it. If you are moving in the monsoons or during the weekends when the roads are jam-packed.

11. Check your finances – After you have finally moved in, have a look at your finances and calculate how much you have spent on the relocation assignment. Keep the receipts and all the important documents you prepared for the move back in place when you are organizing your new home so the next time you need them, they are in place. Throughout the move, you must ensure you are not overspending and going sensibly.

12. Settle in and enjoy – Relocations are never simple. They are hectic and tiring. But with professional support, everything seems to fall in place – from safe packing and movement of goods to their shipment, unloading, and re-arrangement, the whole thing appears like a breeze. So when the movers have done all of that for you, just breathe easy and have a good time in your new home before you get into the chaotic unpacking jobs.

With Agarwal Movers and Packers, every move conducted is flawless and organized. At every step, you are guided and informed of the moving guidelines so that nothing falls out during the journey.

So, the next time you have a moving assignment on your mind; do not miss out to check the advice shared above.

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10 Accounts to 10 Moving QuestionsThat Makes Us the Leaders!

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Agarwal Packers is a leading moving company, imparting first-class packing and moving services to renowned clients and valuable customers since 1987. Acknowledged by several honored titles and accreditations, the company takes pride in being different and way ahead of its competitor’s brimming in the market.
Here are some questions related to packing and transportation that customers have brought to us and continue to inquire us during their move. Read them out below and also watch out for the answers offered to them by our expert moving crew.

1. How to find a budgeted transporter when there are fewer goods to move?

Why even search for a private transporter when you can choose us without any stress and enjoy any kind, any size of move effortlessly. All thanks to the new-age moving cubes we bring to use to ensure safer, discreet, and smooth transportation of customers’ goods. So, whether it is an entire household or only a few items think no further and choose us.

2. Do movers opt for any provision to shift goods during the monsoons?

Yes, many moving companies have their own set of provisions that they incorporate whenever there is a distinct kind of moving assignment like winter move or monsoon move. With us, it is just a bit more convenient and organized. Our experts navigate through the best possible route for your move as soon as they receive your moving inquiry, so there is no delay.

3. Is there any special equipment or material to transport electronics?

We understand all the expensive or even non-expensive electronic items for that matter require special packing for the move. One must not forget the sensitive plasma TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven, etc. that are there in homes, and serve us by being a few of the utility essentials we keep in our households. Each of these items calls for protective packing, and we use LED Boxes, Perfect Boxes, Fabric Sheets, etc. to ensure they remain safe.

4. How can I choose the right size of the truck?

Well, if you are moving with us, you would be glad to know we do not transport goods in open trucks, rather we have our own incepted sheltered cubes or containers known as ‘trucking cubes’ that we incorporate into the process. But if you are moving with other transporters, probably a local one, you will be provided with the details of the trucks available with them. So, make sure you speak to them in advance while you are going through their contract.

5. Can I save money on my move if I am hiring professional movers?

Agarwal Packers and Movers or any other reputed moving company that you find over the internet have their own set of terms for the moving costs the customer has to pay. In most cases, you have to pay what the contract papers show or the movers ask. But there is always room for negotiation and you can expect some concession from the team when they are discussing move rates with you. What you can do is you can save money by opting for some clever moving techniques easily available on the internet.

6. What if in the end, my goods do not fit into the chosen truck or cube?

With us, you are not going to face all those qualms because our cubes are available in different sizes, ideal to cater to the different dimensions of consignments. Also, the customer needs not worry because they pay us only for the space utilized by their possessions within the cube. If cargo does not fit into a cube completely, another cube is brought to use.

7. Does your company provide stable moving rates?

We provide clear estimates and then an exact cost that the customer entails during the move. Free-flowing costs are problematic, both for us and for the customers to figure out exactly how much they are about to spend on the move. You can rest easier because our team of experts first offers you a quoted price as per your inquiry, later on when the deal gets escalated, a fixed rate is given.

8. I want to receive my goods and vehicle on the same day. Is that possible?

Absolutely! Why not? Keeping in mind the urgency and priorities of customers, we have integrated special vehicles where customers’ goods and their valuable cars can be loaded and transported safely to the destination, both at the same time without any discrepancy. For more info, you can visit our website or speak to our customer support at 9300 300 300 who are ever ready to assist you.

9. What distinctly your team does to safeguard customers’ furniture?

For furniture and other polished items in your household, you can opt for our distinctive moving services, designed specially to transport your high-value and sensitive wooden articles including your tables, double-beds, ottomans, chairs, dressers, wardrobes, etc. We use quality foam embedded sheets known as fabric sheets to shield these items from any kind of transit damage. Also, these are cost-effective and you can get the assurance of shock absorbency, durability, and water resistance with these. Along with this, other top-quality materials including furniture pads, corrugated sheets, etc. are also brought to usage.

10. Will my specialty belongings be given protective packing? How?

For your complete range of specialty items which may include crockery items like chinaware, ceramic, crystal items, or other valuable stuff including electronics, artwork, antiques, décor and gift items, etc. we use perfect boxes that are tamper-proof and come with a lock and key system. Any transit shock or disturbance gets easily absorbed within and even the extremely fragile items are kept safe, secure, and unseen within these durable boxes during the moving journey. Not only that, ahead of packing these boxes with your stuff, every article is provided with first-class packing in foam sheet, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, etc.

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12 Pieces of Professional Moving Advice for You!

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Looking for some packing tips ahead of your Bangalore to Pune move? Great! You are right where you should be! With us, you can further reorganize your moving plan and also arrive at an unwavering decision of hiring the best packers and movers in Bangalore!
Long story short, you must be thinking why we are talking about these when you are here to check out some first-class professional moving tips. Well, we are just giving you a brief about how you can enjoy that perfect move with some golden moving ideals because everyone looks around for some pro moving advice to safeguard there would be just as they thought. So, we have shared below some tips. Do take a moment to check them out:

• Focus on organizing things

Organizing belongings is the principal thing to take care of when you are planning a move. In a messy household, all those unmanageable storage spaces, unattended spaces, and unfinished tasks are only meant to disturb your mental peace and ruin your moving plans. So, start by organizing the space by eliminating all the useless and outdated stuff from there. Packing things will be easier once you de-clutter.

• Make some core decisions

Moving requires you to be aware of your responsibilities so you make some big decisions regarding your relocation. Make sure you utilize this time to plan your finances, talk to the insurance service agent, inform office colleagues at the workplace, and design moving inventory. This time you should also work on a list that will mark all your important chores ahead of the move.

• Alongside, do conduct the research

Since finding a suitable moving company for the move is extremely crucial, one must also take into account the time and aspects one should look out for, in the moving company. The rates offered, the services obtainable, and the additional value-added packing and moving assistance you can opt from the company must be evaluated at this point. Shortlist a moving company that is authorized and registered.

• Consume all the fresh food

You would know that transporting perishable items during a move is not recommended. There are other restricted items too; the mover will notify you ahead of your moving day. You must alter your packing list accordingly. But with fresh food items, you should be very careful. Eat up all the cooked food and timely cook everything fresh that is there in your household.

• Purge hazardous items first

With perishable food items, comes the list of hazardous items that we house in our place for various reasons they serve us. All of these items, starting from the cleaning liquids, disinfectant liquids, sprays, paints, colors, thinners, other supplies that have a fair ratio of chemicals must be purged before the move. These liquids contain compressed gases and highly-reactive compounds, therefore, are risky for the move.

• Inspect and evaluate goods

The professional movers you will book are proficient in handling goods. The experts first inventory them; devise a workable packing procedure to handle every article ideally. But since you are not mindful of the correct process as you do not deal with it every day, therefore, you are advised to first evaluate what you have at home carefully so you can decide what to be moved.

• Opt for in-house estimation

The moving professionals you communicated with last week for your move must be informed about the kind of move you are planning to make. For that, a face-to-face discussion conducted ahead of the move does help! You can request movers to provide you with an in-house goods evaluation service so you can figure out how much you would be required to spend on the move.

• Align essential move services

In addition to that, you must also go through the moving services you are planning to opt for, from the company. Check the rates and inquire what assistance and assurance can they offer to your belongings during the move. You can also put forth individual packing requirements if you have any such request to make for your specialty goods, high-value items, and other specific household goods.

• Pack, pack, and pack goods

The early you start packing your belongings, the easier your move gets. If you can pack some of your goods on your own, try doing that. You will then have a fair amount of belongings packed already, even before the professionals would start doing your packing task. When you are packing, just keep in mind to not mix up stuff from different rooms, and pack safely.

• Fulfill all your jobs

You may think of them as little things or unrequired jobs but the fact is each of these small personal tasks must also be attended to on time. Whether it involves your attention towards office tasks, preparing an overnight bag, dropping important emails to your contacts, preparing your computer or your gadgets including your iPad or laptop, etc. you must ascertain to accomplish them timely.

• Designate an assembling area

The packed boxes you prepared before the arrival of the movers must be kept away from vision, in a separate, clean room that does not have a lot of stuff. Just load one on top of the other, but be watchful of the weight of the cartons. Do not place extremely heavy cartons on cartons containing fragile goods. This reserved area can also be used for packing.

• Know some pro packing tips

You can never fall short of the packing guidelines and hacks. While the former ones ensure you have a safer moving experience, the latter promises you to have a hassle-free and speedy moving process. So when you are packing your belongings, know that the moving boxes that you use are sturdy. Fragile goods must be attended with care. Every moving box should be labeled. A moving map, like the inventory, must always be handy, and so on.

Call this checklist a moving guide or a moving planner that can be followed all the way when you are shifting from your old home to your new home. Also, do not forget to reach out to the expert movers and packers in Bangalore and make the ride worth it!

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