10 Accounts to 10 Moving QuestionsThat Makes Us the Leaders!

Agarwal Packers is a leading moving company, imparting first-class packing and moving services to renowned clients and valuable customers since 1987. Acknowledged by several honored titles and accreditations, the company takes pride in being different and way ahead of its competitor’s brimming in the market.
Here are some questions related to packing and transportation that customers have brought to us and continue to inquire us during their move. Read them out below and also watch out for the answers offered to them by our expert moving crew.

1. How to find a budgeted transporter when there are fewer goods to move?

Why even search for a private transporter when you can choose us without any stress and enjoy any kind, any size of move effortlessly. All thanks to the new-age moving cubes we bring to use to ensure safer, discreet, and smooth transportation of customers’ goods. So, whether it is an entire household or only a few items think no further and choose us.

2. Do movers opt for any provision to shift goods during the monsoons?

Yes, many moving companies have their own set of provisions that they incorporate whenever there is a distinct kind of moving assignment like winter move or monsoon move. With us, it is just a bit more convenient and organized. Our experts navigate through the best possible route for your move as soon as they receive your moving inquiry, so there is no delay.

3. Is there any special equipment or material to transport electronics?

We understand all the expensive or even non-expensive electronic items for that matter require special packing for the move. One must not forget the sensitive plasma TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven, etc. that are there in homes, and serve us by being a few of the utility essentials we keep in our households. Each of these items calls for protective packing, and we use LED Boxes, Perfect Boxes, Fabric Sheets, etc. to ensure they remain safe.

4. How can I choose the right size of the truck?

Well, if you are moving with us, you would be glad to know we do not transport goods in open trucks, rather we have our own incepted sheltered cubes or containers known as ‘trucking cubes’ that we incorporate into the process. But if you are moving with other transporters, probably a local one, you will be provided with the details of the trucks available with them. So, make sure you speak to them in advance while you are going through their contract.

5. Can I save money on my move if I am hiring professional movers?

Agarwal Packers and Movers or any other reputed moving company that you find over the internet have their own set of terms for the moving costs the customer has to pay. In most cases, you have to pay what the contract papers show or the movers ask. But there is always room for negotiation and you can expect some concession from the team when they are discussing move rates with you. What you can do is you can save money by opting for some clever moving techniques easily available on the internet.

6. What if in the end, my goods do not fit into the chosen truck or cube?

With us, you are not going to face all those qualms because our cubes are available in different sizes, ideal to cater to the different dimensions of consignments. Also, the customer needs not worry because they pay us only for the space utilized by their possessions within the cube. If cargo does not fit into a cube completely, another cube is brought to use.

7. Does your company provide stable moving rates?

We provide clear estimates and then an exact cost that the customer entails during the move. Free-flowing costs are problematic, both for us and for the customers to figure out exactly how much they are about to spend on the move. You can rest easier because our team of experts first offers you a quoted price as per your inquiry, later on when the deal gets escalated, a fixed rate is given.

8. I want to receive my goods and vehicle on the same day. Is that possible?

Absolutely! Why not? Keeping in mind the urgency and priorities of customers, we have integrated special vehicles where customers’ goods and their valuable cars can be loaded and transported safely to the destination, both at the same time without any discrepancy. For more info, you can visit our website or speak to our customer support at 9300 300 300 who are ever ready to assist you.

9. What distinctly your team does to safeguard customers’ furniture?

For furniture and other polished items in your household, you can opt for our distinctive moving services, designed specially to transport your high-value and sensitive wooden articles including your tables, double-beds, ottomans, chairs, dressers, wardrobes, etc. We use quality foam embedded sheets known as fabric sheets to shield these items from any kind of transit damage. Also, these are cost-effective and you can get the assurance of shock absorbency, durability, and water resistance with these. Along with this, other top-quality materials including furniture pads, corrugated sheets, etc. are also brought to usage.

10. Will my specialty belongings be given protective packing? How?

For your complete range of specialty items which may include crockery items like chinaware, ceramic, crystal items, or other valuable stuff including electronics, artwork, antiques, décor and gift items, etc. we use perfect boxes that are tamper-proof and come with a lock and key system. Any transit shock or disturbance gets easily absorbed within and even the extremely fragile items are kept safe, secure, and unseen within these durable boxes during the moving journey. Not only that, ahead of packing these boxes with your stuff, every article is provided with first-class packing in foam sheet, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, etc.

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